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R liked 3 months ago
Hi Everybody, Here is a new update 6.2, Issues concerning some machines are fixed. Please follow the following instructions: 1- Uninstall previous version : 2- Download the new version 6.2 : 3- Install the software : After... (More)
Alec commented 3 days ago
Hello there, I am using telegram signals along with telegramfxcopier. It works excellent. I can only recommend.
Stephen liked 3 days ago
I have tried many providers but only one is really worth it. TBTF signals, serious professional trader team. I really recommend

Hello Mike,

Thanks for writing us here,

For making TelegramFxCopier working, you have to install it either on your desktop or VPS and you need to choose your broker accordingly and have to install broker software as well and Telegram... (More)