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Week two of our FTMO funded account, and it's been nothing but chop fest the entire time. We started last week up, then quickly gave up gains on yen cross trades. The FundedNext test account is doing ok, but no real trades for us today. Our Telegram trade copier is doing its job though, which is very helpful.
Last week was just so challenging for our funded FTMO account and our Funded Next test account. Lots of chop, and several bad yen trades took their toll. But we're still fighting, and last night/this morning have been rewarding for us.
We continue to make very small gains this week on our FTMO and Funded Next forex prop firm accounts.Technically by the end of this week, we'll be able to start withdrawing funds from the FTMO account. That's a great feeling, although the amount of funds isn't very high, lol. But we keep pushing forward.
A slow start to the week for our Prop Farming setup. Today isn't actually a holiday, but it's close enough.

If you're following for awhile. now, you know that the goal is to use our Telegram trade copying software to pass multiple prop firm tests, and scale up a small, semi-automated forex trading system. We'll spread the risk across multiple accounts and use it to generate income. Right now we have a funded FTMO account, and we're on a Funded Next test account.

It's been a slow grind over the last week. But we're still pushing forward.
Ending the week on a flat note. We saw great results on Monday, but those Yen trades on Tuesday and Wednesday hammered us. Our FTMO funded account is right above the starting line, and the Funded Next prop firm test is down by $86 for the week. Not fun, but we keep pushing. The good news is that the new version of our Telegram trade copy software, v11.8.6, is rock solid, and almost ready to release. It's a substantial upgrade from the earlier version, and we're excited to share it with everyone.
A slow morning so far on both FTMO funded account and the Funded Next prop firm test account. My signal provider seemed obsessed with shorting Yen crosses over the last two days, none of which worked well at all. We're down on both accounts by a small amount compared to yesterday. But we're still in the fight.
Choppy session late yesterday and last night, thanks to several Yen cross trades.

Both the Funded Next forex prop firm test and our FTMO funded forex account took some losses. It's never fun when that happens, but it's a real part of trading. Our Telegram trade copier is keeping us in the fight, though! We're testing a new version of the copier on the Funded Next test account, and it's been rock solid.
Yesterday proved to be a good trading day, with net gains on our funded FTMO account. We still have the Funded Next $15k test account, but haven't been trading on it until this morning. We will begin posting results for both accounts side by side starting tomorrow. We are using our Telegram trade copier to trade both accounts.
This weekend I finally had time to set up our FTMO live prop firm account. If you've been following this, you know that I used our TelegramFXCopier software to help me pass the test.

I've had the account for over a week, but I was so busy that I didn't have time to set up the system. Today is our first trading day. I traded 0.1 sized lots on the challenge account, but I scale that back on the live account to 0.05 lots. The goal is to make money while keeping the account alive. So far we're at $2 profit.
Trade copying is a powerful tool in forex trading that allows you to replicate the trades across several accounts. We are using this MetaAPI copy system in conjunction with our Telegram trade copier for both our funded FTMO account and our prop firm tests.