Hi Everybody,

Here is a new update 6.2,
Issues concerning some machines are fixed.

Please follow the following instructions:

1- Uninstall previous version : https://helpdesk.telegramfxcopier.io/367085-I-already-have-a-previous-version-Should-I-uninstall-it

2- Download the new version 6.2 : https://telegramfxcopier.io/portal/downloads/

3- Install the software : https://helpdesk.telegramfxcopier.io/878530-What-is-the-installation-process

After installation, if the software does not open, please follow instructions from : https://helpdesk.telegramfxcopier.io/754878-What-if-application-does-not-want-to-open

If you cannot see the EA on Experts advisors, please follow instructions from : https://helpdesk.telegramfxcopier.io/310729-What-if-I-cannot-see-the-EA-on-Metatrader-Terminals

For any question, or issue please open a ticket at https://helpdesk.telegramfxcopier.io,

If anyone need help to install please submit a ticket with your VPS login to make it work for you.