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Asked a question 7 months ago

Good Morning. I have problems configuring EA to move SL to entry price. Some providers put messages like this. GOLD Running +50 Pips Move Stop to Entry Price Risk Free✅ or GBPUSD +25♨️ SL Entry But that does add, increase SL by +25 / +50 pips. And it doesn't do what should be done, which is to move SL to the entry point. Does anybody know how to solve this?

Where am I?

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VishalTelegramFxCopier Team
Telegramfxcopier Customer Support

Dear Sergio,

Thanks for writing us here.

Hope you are safe and doing good. 

For making this reply executable, please follow the below steps:

  1. Remove word "risk" from EA input settings ,where we put it for ignorin  such spam signals.
  2. Make an entry of "stop to entry " in the EA input move sl to breakeven.

For more clarification please visit to our website live chat option and our live technical support agents will help to fix this problem.

Thank You.