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Max Elzinga
Recently bought 1MT Lifetime account
Asked a question 3 years ago

Hi Guys, My provider sends out signals like this: Sell signal šŸ”“ USOIL 38.70 TP 38.40 TP 38.00 TP 37.00 SL 39.40 Buy signal šŸ”µ EURJPY 122.10 TP 122.40 TP 123.00 TP 123.70 SL 121.40 As you can see, the red dot means sell, the blue dot means buy. Is it possible to configure the bot so he can read this format? Looking forward to your responses! Max Elzinga

Where am I?

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Hi Max,

thanks for contacting us.

Please visit to help desk with live chat support team, they will configure it for you

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