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Asked a question 9 months ago

Hi, I have a question. The stop and take are the same as those given in signal rooms, for example: NZD/USD SELL NOW: 0.7156 T/P: 0.7135 S/L: 0.7185 The App will automatically close orders at Stop: 0.7185 if it comes at Stop or if it comes at Take will it close the trade at 0.7135? Or do I have to set a fixed stop / take within the app, for example 100pips...20pips...?

Where am I?

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VishalTelegramFxCopier Team
Telegramfxcopier Customer Support

Dear Luccas,

Thanks for writing us here.

I have understood your question but the signal you have chosen for an example wasn’t the same as usually signal comes.

So let me explain, if you are trading in sell then your entry price will be greater than STOP LOSS and lesser than TAKE PROFIT & in the case of BUY the same concept will be reverse.

So the copier will close the order at the point of Take Profit and Stop Loss both respectively wherever the market price will reach.

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Thank You and Happy Trading  !!