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Asked a question 3 years ago

Hi, I have a signal provider who sent Market Order which should be executed ASAP as well as pending orders. How do I need to setup the software to execute both type of signals from same provider? Example of the signals #1 Pending Order Buy Stop EURCAD @ 1.5270 ♦️SL - 1.5220 🔹TP - 1.5420 #2 Sell USDCHF @ 0.9770 ♦️SL - 0.9820 🔹TP - 0.9670

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 @Rohn52 , by default, the EA executes always pending orders given by the provider : stop, limit...

For Order like buy, sell..., the EA reads you input for entry price: if it is Market Price, the EA executes the Order immediately. If it's Provider Price, the EA executes the Order with exactly the Entry price given by the provider so it will be a pending orders.

So, in your case,  you will need to put Market price in Ea settings to allow EA executes pending orders as a pending and other orders as a Market.