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Asked a question 3 years ago

I finally got everything working, thanks to support mainly but a couple of issues since some people are meantioning problems I encountered. So this is all in a VPS. The app didn't want to run installation. right click properties and unblock apply and close. I tried to run the program and it didn't work i had to download .net framework. It worked. Today new patch 6.0.1 I followed instructions and it didn't work, it stayed on license verification, I than unistalled mt4 also while starting from the start of the instructions and then it worked, but trades were only going in when it was a buy or a sell not with a limit or stop. the setting advanced settings had to be changed to entry;entrada;price;limit;stop basically need to add limit and stop. After all that it is working fine. I know some might have managed and some got stuck in different steps I am just sharing my experience maybe it can help someone out.

Where am I?

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This helped me personally. Thanks