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Asked a question 3 years ago

If I have don't take the same trade multiple times does that mean it want take multiple TPs and if thats the case which TP will it pick. I ask because i would like it to take the trade once but aim for TP 3 but still move STOP LOSS to Break even when TP 1 is hit is that possible

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Hello Branden,

When you set "Trade symbol Multiple times" to 'No' , Ea will still open 3 trades for 3tps signal (Because it is the same signal). You can ask ea to open only TP3 order by setting all other TP_Percentages to 0% and in your case add custom Points to be (e.g 100points) (Please see image).
Alternatively, you can set a small percentage for tp1 (0.01 lots) so that ea will move sl when TP1 hits (a small percentage of the orders will be closed)

Take only TP3 and apply custom BE 
Take only TP3 and apply custom BE